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"Why do sentences in Spanish have the upside down “!” and “?” at the beginning?"

They put the punctuation at the beginning of the sentence so you know straight away what type of sentence it is. Unlike in English where you don’t realize until the end and sometimes you have to go back and reread the sentence after you figure out it’s a question.


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I always thought that this would’ve been very helpful when in elementary school. I always had to read aloud and would demolish sentences because I didn’t yet know what tone to say them in, so it would all be read as a monotone sentence. Maybe students could read more expressively if we had this punctuation…

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Lee Jaehwan & Kim Wonsik in Dallas.

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Idiomatic Expression - dar largas a


I find that dar largas (a algo/a alguien) is probably one of the best idiomatic expressions I know because it means "to deliberately procrastinate" or "to consciously avoid doing something" where other verbs for “to procrastinate” are a bit wordier and sometimes less used.

The expression dar largas is related to the word largo/a “long”, meaning “to put distance between”. And this expression actually comes from bullfighting [la tauromaquia] and it’s because la larga refers to a specific move that a bullfighter does, waving the cape and sending the bull running in the wrong direction.

So dar largas a alguien means “to put someone off" or "to deliberately avoid someone" or "to give someone the run-around”. And dar largas a algo means “to do everything in your power not to confront something”.

*Other verbs for “to procrastinate” in Spanish include… posponer [to postpone], procrastinar [rarely used in most places], dejar para después [to leave for later], retrasar [to delay], and aplazar [to hold back].

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Sometimes I feel like ppl view Mexicans as the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Latinos n it makes me sad

Omg yes! Like there’s always negative connotations regarding Mexicans

especially native/native looking and black mexicans they are affected by both the latino hierarchy and then racism and colorism it’s awful

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lieutenant-unicorn asked: F, M, P, T


F.. is for friends who do stuff together!
M- maple syrup covered breakfast foods c: 
P- Pistachio Ice Cream!
T- turtles

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Scarlett Johansson for Marie Claire, Mexico, 2011

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Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep

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im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

one of those problems is girls who dont think theyre pretty

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Everyone getting it on durin Check On and Junhong just (´ヮ`)

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