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SUPERHEROINE | a mix for when you and your renegade girl group are defeating evil and saving the world (again).

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I think the idea of “if you can go about your life normally then you don’t have a mental illness” is a very dangerous one because it keeps people who need to get help from getting help. They think “I can still go about my daily life so I must be okay” even if they are struggling and suffering.

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"He was so tired that he had to be carried home"

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A baby elephant sat on my friend

Look at its dumb fucking face I want twelve 

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By Primary feat. Bumkey & Palo Alto

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ESPECIALLY if your voice shakes.

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How to Support a Depressed Friend


1. Find out the kind of depression they are suffering from. Symptoms of clinical depression include sleep difficulties, loss of appetite, a desire to isolate themselves, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, suicidal tendencies and an inability to determine the cause of their depression. Those with situational depression may have some of the same symptoms but they generally know why they feel as they do, and once the issue is resolved, they are able to function normally again.

2. Be available to listen, or just be there for them. Sometimes you don’t need to say a word. Don’t offer opinions or advice; don’t judge them; be patient and understanding; be empathic, gentle and compassionate.

3. Take them out of their environment as a change of scenery can help to change our mood. It doesn’t have to be wildly exciting – just a walk by the river or a coffee at the mall is often enough to shift things a bit.

4. Don’t comment on their lifestyle (habits and patterns). Comments like “You ought to try and sleep more … or change your diet … or exercise more … are likely to shut the person down. These are often beyond the person’s control. They are symptoms of depression – and the actual cause.

5. Encourage your friend to seek professional help. A friend or family member can be a real lifeline; but objective support from a professional counsellor can help them deal with the cause in a more effective way.

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Hiphop Godfather Warren G, Wishes to Remake Suga’s Song?


[ irrelevant parts omitted ] 

When asked about his meeting with hiphop figurehead Warren G, Suga revealed “He said he really liked my composition ‘Tomorrow’ and expressed his desire to personally use it as a remake” He elaborated, “[The remake] is in the works right now so if you wait a bit we’ll probably be able to show you good results soon”.

Rap Monster also expressed his gratitude, “His label explained to us that an instance like this was considered extremely unusual, for an American Artist to remake a song by a Korean artist in this manner.” 

news source; © 조이뉴스24

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And above we see one of the few non-slut-shaming bisexual jokes ever made in television history.