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And make death proud to take us.
Cleopatra, Anthony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare  (via emiliaclarck) ▴
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Vogue (2009)

so beautiful

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인공잔디 (Artificial Grass) // Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) // 2,305 plays
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if you don’t think poussey is the cutest thing on earth you’re wrong

but that face…that smile! #melt #girlcrush

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  • Desi: We learned a lot about Turkey in my Chinese lit class. Probably because there was this one Mongol prince who really wanted to be Turkish. He dressed in Turkish clothing and only spoke Turkish. He was in line to become emperor but his dad cut off his head because he was too Turkish.
  • Me: .... but why did he want to be Turkish?
  • Desi: Because he loved Turkey!
  • Julia: Like some ancient weeaboo
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last night my father said “good night mario” because i had been driving him around today and apparently going too fast, like the car racer mario andretti

but i didn’t know what he was talking about so i just sleepily replied “good night luigi”

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Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

This is very important. I’m glad both of them had this moment. Raven has been working and grinding longer than most of us have been able to talk and walk. She deserves all the praises.

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The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
C.J. Jung (via onlinecounsellingcollege) ▴
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All the extreme libfems (“if u believe in equality ur a feminist! don’t slut-shame!”) I know in person are all very attractive, thin, upper/middle class, straight/bi white girls and it’s just so painfully obvious WHY liberal feminism appealed to them. You’re not going to challenge yourself if the system is already suited to you. “Slut-shaming” is going to sound like the worst of all evils if you’re not affected by much else.

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This post is so important.

This is the best post made in the history of ever. I’m so serious.

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Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle not your lifestyle around your career.
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My family used to joke that only white people need therapy. Black people go to church instead, find remedies on their knees in prayer, sing their sorrows away. Meanwhile, white academics told me that African-Americans merely fabricated ungrounded stigma around psychiatric help. As absurd as these two viewpoints may sound, these myths actually point to a greater phenomenon.

As of 2012, 15% of the US American population without health insurance was African-American. Considering the role economic status plays in healthcare sheds light on the racial discrepancy with respect to treating mental illness. Many people with health insurance find that their companies don’t cover the cost of mental illness treatment, and those without any health insurance find themselves facing incredibly high prices to pay for medical care, or opting not to pursue treatment at all. These obstacles often lead Black folks in the states to “rely on family, religious and social communities for emotional support rather than turning to health care professionals, even though this may at times be necessary,” states NAMI’s fact sheet on African American Community Mental Health.

Even if able to pay for treatment, many Black folks encounter prejudices and biases from medical caregivers. Black people, especially Black men, are frequently misdiagnosed when it comes to mental illness. For example, most prominently in the 1960s, white doctors institutionalized Black men involved in civil rights protests (particularly in Detroit) on the grounds that the behaviors these men defended as political activism was really schizophrenic rage and volatility. Also, medical practitioners’ prescriptions sometimes reflect discriminatory and generally racial assumptions that Black people do not need as much medicine as white people. Studies conducted by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health discovered that Black US Americans are 1.5 times as likely to be denied antidepressant treatment. No one wants tell you that the system is sick. No one wants to tell you that the healthcare system intentionally keeps historically marginalized groups like queer folks, and Black folks, and people who happen to find themselves at the intersection of queerness and Blackness sick.

To Be Queer, Black, and “Sick” | Autostraddle (via brutereason)

This is not a feel good article, but it NEEDS to be said. This is a huge problem, and part of the reason that I will never shame anyone for having self-diagnosed.

(via depressionresource)

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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share